Recent trends in commercial real estate show companies overwhelmingly packing up their offices and heading to the ‘burbs, especially in our local Philadelphia market. As younger employees age and move out of major metros, recruiters’ talent pools in the suburbs have grown exponentially. The suburban offices have followed suit, resulting in a war of amenities in modern offices designed to attract top tenants. Onsite gyms, food services, open air co-working spaces, childcare, and even rotating art installations are all becoming more of the norm in modern builds. All of the headaches of the city – parking, space, and commuting – can be solved in the suburbs. And of course, the great outdoors can become an extension of your office in a new and exciting way outside of Center City. Here’s three reasons to invest in landscaping as an amenity.

1. It’s Good For Your Bottom Line

Files Containing Utility Bills

Investing in landscaping design in commercial buildings and complexes can have a variety of immediate benefits to your bottom line. It attracts the best companies to become your tenants. This will save you a ton of time and money marketing your office space and avoid it sitting empty. Once they’re in, it saves money on heating and cooling. Over time, it helps to prevent damage to property by reducing runoff. Overall, it’s just a sound investment that increases the value of your property.

2. It Will Keep Your Building Current

Cozy terrace in the garden

The hottest office trends this year all include introducing elements of the outside inside, whether you opt for a “biophilic” design for your building, or building green walls or dividers. Merging your indoor space with outdoor amenities is the future of suburban commercial office planning. Nothing highlights the fact that you aren’t in a cramped cubicle on the 24th floor of a high rise quite like doing a team meeting in a strategically designed outdoor dynamic work or meeting space. Companies across the country routinely hold outdoor or walking meetings around their grounds or office park. Many corporate centers have even created destinations for collaboration between their tenants using their outdoor space, featuring a beer garden or food truck program in nice weather.


3. It Will Help You Retain Tenants in a Competitive Market


The competitive landscape of suburban commercial planning has transformed these “extras” into something tenants ask for and even expect. Creatively using space is what sets a property apart from its competitors. Strategic landscape design, and regular maintenance and upkeep, can help transform a garden with a bench into a modern, collaborative space where business gets done. Keeping tenants in your office space is often more challenging than attracting them in the first place. Ensuring that they have access to updated, collaborative space will keep their employees happy and productive. Use your outdoor space to your advantage, and your tenants will never regret moving to the ‘burbs.



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