With summer quickly coming to a close, it can be tempting to live in a state of perpetual denial that cold weather is upon us. Per the usual, fall will not be courteous to leave a clean pallet once it hands the reins over to its good neighbor, winter. That is where we can help! ACACIA prides itself on keen attention to detail and our goal is to deliver exceptional service to our customer base. We can complete a thorough fall-clean-up, successfully preparing your property for the winter weather. Below is a checklist for your reference, outlining all of the items you should be attentive to this upcoming season:

  • Pruning/trimming of all trees and bushes
  • Aeration and fertilization
  • Clean irrigation systems and gutters
  • Mulch new plantings
  • Cut dead limbs (not to be confused with general pruning)
  • Cut back perennials
  • Plant new bulbs
  • Touch-up bed edges
  • Spray anti-desiccant on plants, specifically evergreens, that are exposed to winter winds
  • Inspect outdoor lighting, replace bulbs and re-set automatic timer to adjust for Daylight Savings
  • Clean out ponds or fountains to remove unwanted debris

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Hedge Trimmer Works
Hedge Trimmer Works. Gardener with Gasoline Hedge Trimmer Shaping Wall of Thujas.

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