First impressions are everything. A well-manicured lawn is one of the easiest ways to intrigue clients and drive up market value. Now is the time to start or continue investing in your property’s landscaping as we approach the spring months. With that some might still ask, “Why Invest In Landscaping?”

  1. Maintaining the outside of your building or apartment complex often attracts new business and retains current tenants. This, in return, increases property value by improving the market value of your property. Landscaping helps your business stand out from competitors that don’t invest in their landscaping and can increase the attractiveness of your building to potential clients or investors.
  2. Landscaping improves overall safety, security, and comfortability. Well maintained outdoor spaces are considered to be safe because of how the plants are methodically placed and there is proper lighting. Plants that are thoughtfully placed can also muffle noise in loud areas. If your commercial building is well-manicured it often makes your tenants feel safer.
  3. Attractive landscaping will draw new tenants and customers to your property. A well-manicured space is more approachable, and people will be more interested in taking the time to learn about your company or property. People also associate the outdoor space of a company with the company’s branding. A well manicured outdoor space translates into someone thinking more highly of your brand and noticing the extra efforts you take in the appearance of your facilities.
  4. When you show interest in the outdoor maintenance of your property, it shows your competitors and clients that you care for the environment. Commercial landscaping companies, such as ACACIA, help to improve your property’s natural environment by using ecofriendly elements and using native plants to enhance the overall appeal. Some parts of the natural environment that landscaping can help you save on are water usage, carbon footprint, and erosion. 
  5. Landscaping will keep your building current. Having an outdoor space for your tenants, whether your building is an apartment building or a commercial office building, offers an outlet from the indoors and a destination for collaboration or relaxation.
  6. Landscaping can save time and money. Instead of doing the landscaping yourself or attempting to do it in-house, hiring an experienced commercial landscaping crew will save you the time and headache of doing the work so you can focus your energy on your business. You can also save more money reducing energy costs with strategically placed landscaping to provide shade in the summer when the trees are abundant with leaves and to provide sunlight in the winter months when the leaves fall off.
  7. Landscaping provides privacy. Landscaping can be used to create privacy whether your building is along a loud street or a property that doesn’t look nice. Privacy can also help if your company is in a field such as construction where your work can become loud and disruptive. For this example, you can put a screen up between your property and your neighbors to minimize sound from your property. This is considered a “Good Neighbor Policy” to limit noise complaints or disruptions by creating a noise buffer.

Now that you’ve read 7 key facts about why you should invest in landscaping, why wait?

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